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Contributions to Mageia – December 2014


2014 is going to reach its end and another month of contributions to the Mageia project has passed.



  • noip

A new package has been added to the cauldron (thus Mageia 5): noip contains the well known open source duc for linux. I decided to package it for two reason mainly:

  • to provide a uniform way of installing and configuring noip on mageia
  • to better integrate it inside mageia by providing a systemd unit (noip2.service): this way you’ll be able to easily install and setup a noip client

Installing and Configuring noip on mageia now consists of a three-steps procedure:

  1. urpmi noip
  2. noip -C -c /etc/noip2.conf
  3. systemctl enable noip2.service


bash completions for mana have been provided and the package for adminpanel has been updated accordingly.

Angelo fixed other issues on rpmdragora.


MageiaOnline now provides new forum sections for Mageia 5 and Mageia 4 backports are slightly on their way πŸ™‚ Still work in progress, stay tuned

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!
See you next month πŸ™‚

Contributions to Mageia – November 2014


One year has passed since my last relevant contribution, Mageia 5 is on its way and Mageia 3 is going to reach its EOL.



  • gambas3-3.6.2
  • gmic-
  • screenfetch-3.6.5
  • libtorrent_rasterbar-0.16.18
  • qbittorrent-3.1.11
  • tortoisehg-3.2.1

Gambas3 latest version comes, like the others item of this brief list, with a lot of bugfixes since 3.5.4 version and some new component (like inotify).


Lots of efforts have been putted inside this project and we currently have quite a few modules doing their jobs, against all odds πŸ˜›

We introduced a few changes inside the naming conventions: each launch script has been prefixed with the word mana (e.g. manauser, manahost, manaproxy, etc).

Why mana?

It’s what come out from a night session of IRC while we were working on the migration of some drakxtool to adminpanel … Ok it doesn’t sound so nice told this way so… πŸ™‚ lets say that we find out that adminpanel was somehow inflated and we decided to look for something more representative.

mana recalls energy and magic and somehow the names of the authors, Angelo Naselli and Matteo Pasotti.

A list of the working modules follows:

  • manaclock
  • manahost
  • manalog
  • manaproxy
  • manaservice
  • manauser

There are other minor applications able to run inside AdminPanel (embedded or sharing its modules/subroutines):

  • contribfinder: a simple utility written using libyui and python
  • rpmdragora: a fork of rpmdrake, the effort to port its code to libyui and the 3rd millenium :p

AdminPanel/MaNa is a beautiful example of object oriented programming using Perl, Moose and Modern::Perl alongside a very readable code style.

Some screenshots demonstrating how those modules are able to run natively as Qt, Gtk and NCurses applications πŸ˜‰

manauser rpmdragora



Stay tuned and see you next month for a new summary of my contributions to Mageia.

Contributions to Mageia – November 2013

Activities inside the Mageia ProjectMageia.Org

Mageia 4 beta 1 is out and my perl-fu Β© is stronger than ever! πŸ™‚

Give it a try! Β Β  Provala!

Unfortunately my daily job doesn’t leave me enough time to properly contribute to the Mageia Project (that’s definitely true for the last 4 months).


  • gambas3-3.5.1
  • mageia-doc-4.2
  • polkit-kde-agent-1

I’m not the maintainer of the polkit-kde-agent-1 package but, I decided to help Filip who worked to the Slovenian translations for that piece of code.

Gambas3 3.5.1 is a minor release bringing some bugfixes and a few new features related to those ones.


  • qupzilla 1.4.4


I’m still working in my spare time on rpmdragora which takes a few steps forward each time I put my hands on its code πŸ™‚

MageiaOnline Backports for Mageia 3

Few new packages are available:

  • gambas3 3.5.1


Stay tuned and see you next month for a new summary of my contributions to Mageia.

Contributions to Mageia – September & October 2013


Running for Mageia 4…

Give it a try! Β Β  Provala!


  • libqxt


  • qlipper
  • syntastic
  • mageia-doc
  • razorqt desktop environment
  • screenfetch
  • gambas3
  • scite
  • areca-backup

A lot of work was required to update qlipper because it’s now relying on libqxt and this library wasn’t already packaged for Mageia.

Gambas3 3.5.0 was released and then packaged a few days after the Mageia versions freeze. It ships now with a lot of bugfixes and some new components like gb-loggin, gb-net-pop3, gb-mime, gb-openssl and so on.

Areca-Backup 7.3.7 add some new feature and it fixes some delta blocks backup bugs.


Angelo was finally able to bring some improvement to the yui library (libyui) so I’ll hopefully be able to continue my work on rpmdragora. Stay tuned! πŸ˜‰

LINUX DAY 2013 – Italy

The Oct 26th, 2013 I participated to the Linux Day event in Vigevano, a northern Italian town near Pavia and Milan. The event was organized by the Linux User Group DUCALE (LUGDucale) from Vigevano.

During the entire day I was standing near my Mageia powered personal computer (1GHz cpu, 1GB ram memory and stuff like that) with a lot of fliers, to show people the powers of the current stable version and to provide any kind of information about Mageia and the software it provides through its repositories.

Summary of the event: 10+ Mageia Live KDE burnt on demand, 1 usb key prepared, many user really interested. I was really excited.

I want to say thanks to the entire crew for their great efforts and their passion.

Keep going this way!

MageiaOnline Backports for Mageia 3

I reactivated the backports repository a couple of days ago and the first packages are now available:

  • gambas3 3.5.0
  • areca-backup 7.3.7
  • qupzilla 1.4.4
  • vlc 2.1

This new versions brings some new features, mainly bugfixes. Other packages will follow but I’m currently working on testing each one of them very deeply.Β At the same time Victor is growing and it will provide better and useful informations.


Stay tuned and see you next month for a new summary of my contributions to Mageia.

Contributions to Mageia – June and July 2013


I didn’t have the time to contribute to Mageia during May and June and I’m slightly back maintaining my packages starting from July.



  • csslint
  • nomacs 1.4.0
  • screenfetch
  • tortoisehg
  • qxkb
  • scite
  • juffed
  • qupzilla
  • mono 3.0.12
  • mono-addins
  • mono-tools 2.11
  • libgdiplus
  • monodevelop 4.0.9
  • monodevelop-database
  • monodevelop-debugger-gdb
  • mageia-doc 4.0

Packaging mono required a lot of time and a lot of work. A bit of refining it’s still needed but finally we have mono 3 ready for Mageia 4 πŸ˜‰

libgdiplus will make you (hopefully) able to launch dotNet applications using mono on MageiaΒ  o/

The mono-tools were also upgraded to the latest version but there are still a few issues to fix: for example the package doesn’t contain gendarme and other useful stuff.


Some web pages were updated (look at


I had no free time to work on it but anaselli‘s work on libyui continues. I hope to be able to continue my work on rpmdragora asap.


See you next month for a new summary of my contributions πŸ˜‰