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  • Paleontology 4 Geologist

    For those people not really aware of what the paleontology really is, I can briefly define the paleontology as the science in charge of study the history of life. For a Geologist the paleontology is more than important as it represents the basis to, such as: place in time a geologic record understand the geological […]

  • Speeding up APT

    As someone knows using multiple connections to download files could be helpful to speed up the upgrading processes (take a look to urpmi). Apt is definetly a good tool provided by debian, but from this point of view it could be “improved” (see notes below). Here you can see the way I’ve reduced my download […]

  • ShutDown when I want

    ShutDownAdv Considering that on Windows XP x64 and on all the Vista versions the shutdown executable accepts a delay of 600 seconds only, I’ve written this basic utility using dotNet. —————- Considerato il fatto che su Windows XP x64 e su Windows Vista l’eseguibile per lo shutdown è stato castrato con un delay massimo di […]

  • KioskManager

    KioskManagerSetup Ecco una semplice utility – Kiosk Manager – (realizzata in dotNet) atta a semplificare la realizzazione di un chiosco in ambiente windows XP / Vista. Su Vista ricordatevi di eseguirla con privilegi di amministratore. Piccolo howto: * All’avvio viene richiesto subito se si è sicuri di avere avviato l’applicazione con diritti di amministratore. * […]