Contributions to Mageia – October 2012

Here comes the report of my contributions to Mageia during October.


I worked on packaging some new application and I brought some package to its latest version.


  • nomacs 0.4.0
  • trojita 0.3
  • gambas 3.3.3

nomacs is an image viewer based on Qt and currently set as the default viewer for the RazorQt environment in Mageia setup (easily available installing the task-razorqt package).

Trojitá is a Qt imap e-mail client which I packaged for Mageia alongside other qt applications (as the previous mentioned) to allow people to run an environment entirley based on Qt and Mageia, of course 🙂


  • razorqt 0.5.1
  • yaflight 0.99.12
  • scite 3.2.3

Due to consolekit becomes deprecated, I patched razorqt-0.5.0 and then razorqt-0.5.1 to support the systemd backend. wally improved also the package quality adding the lightdm dedicated subpackage, which fixed some strange issue.

yaflight was entirely rewritten using C++ and Qt to make it also portable to Windows and Mac OS. The old project changed name to fglc and it will not be maintained anymore (at least by me that I’m the original developer 🙂 )

No great changes, only some bugfix and some maintainance, there was not great activity into the portal this month. I’m still working locally to some change/improvement hoping to see it online before the end of the year and I’m quite happy because it seems I’ll be helped by other contributors o/


See you next month 😉