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Contributions to Mageia – August 2013


Back to my contributions and Mageia 4 alpha 1 is already out shipping a lot of new stuff  o/

Give it a try!    Provala!



  • yaflight
  • yalib
  • yainstall
  • libtorrent-rasterbar 0.16.11
  • qupzilla

yaflight, yainstall and their shared library -yalib- have been ported to the Qt5 framework on Mageia o/

The upgrade of libtorrent-rasterbar to its latest version required qbittorrent to be rebuilt against it while qupzilla was in need of some love only.


Some web pages were updated (look at and some blog post was also translated.


I managed to fix some minor bugs into the online documentation for the Mageia Installer (bug mga#10237).


Our efforts to port drakxtools to a modern abstraction layer, libyui, continue. While anaselli concentrates on libyui-mga, I’m focusing on admin panel and the way it is going to be able to acquire root privileges using different authentication backends.


Stay tuned and see you next month for a new summary of my contributions to Mageia.

Contributions to Mageia – December 2012


It was a difficult time to me so, I’ve upgraded three packages only and maintained some of the already existing ones to address some issue related to gcc-4.7, automake 1.13 and the bleeding new llvm-3.2.

I’ve been also busy translating blog posts for because I’m the only willing to do this job (at least during the last few months) and -maybe- because I’m also the i18n-it team leader.


  • tkgate (
  • curtain (fixed bug similar to mga#7795)
  • qlipper (fixed bug similar to mga#7795)
  • juffed (rebuilt against new qscintilla and patched to solve issue with gcc-4.7)
  • squirrelsh (solved issue with gcc-4.7)
  • gambas3-3.3.4 (fixed compilation against the new llvm 3.2 and the new automake 1.13)


  • gmic-
  • qscintilla-2.7
  • yaflight-0.99.19

Lot of work has been done to improve the community logo, to make the aspect more uniform passing through the cms, the forum and the wiki and -finally- to make the forum accessible using mobile devices (like tablets or smartphones).

Take a look by yourself 😉


See you next month for a new summary of my activities and…

wish you a Happy New Year!

Contributions to Mageia – November 2012


This month I’ve not packaged any new software for Cauldron and I focused on maintaining the ones already available. My free time was nearly equal to zero :-/


  • ardesia 1.1
  • yaflight 0.99.17
  • gmic
  • gambas 3.3.4
  • tortoisehg 2.5.1
  • john-1.7.9-jumbo-7
  • skychart 3.6
  • drakx-installer-help

A few words on john, skychart and drakx-installer-help.

john was upgraded from version 1.7.9-jumbo-5 to jumbo-7 but it wasn’t building on Cauldron due to an issue  reported into the bug report mga#7911. After some investigation I find out the problem and addressed the issue, making it building again 🙂

skychart was needing some love because of its documentation sub package, built using wiki pages. I was able to go through this issue thanks to the Fedora package (its Packager, of course) and the script.

drakx-installer-help is a package co-maintained by kamil, barjac, ennael and me. It provides localized documentation for Mageia. This last version adds support to two new languages: Estonian and Swedish o/

Two guides was added to our documentation: a basic installation guide and a simple howto related to Mageia virtualization with VirtualBox/-OSE.


C U next month 😉

Contributions to Mageia – October 2012

Here comes the report of my contributions to Mageia during October.


I worked on packaging some new application and I brought some package to its latest version.


  • nomacs 0.4.0
  • trojita 0.3
  • gambas 3.3.3

nomacs is an image viewer based on Qt and currently set as the default viewer for the RazorQt environment in Mageia setup (easily available installing the task-razorqt package).

Trojitá is a Qt imap e-mail client which I packaged for Mageia alongside other qt applications (as the previous mentioned) to allow people to run an environment entirley based on Qt and Mageia, of course 🙂


  • razorqt 0.5.1
  • yaflight 0.99.12
  • scite 3.2.3

Due to consolekit becomes deprecated, I patched razorqt-0.5.0 and then razorqt-0.5.1 to support the systemd backend. wally improved also the package quality adding the lightdm dedicated subpackage, which fixed some strange issue.

yaflight was entirely rewritten using C++ and Qt to make it also portable to Windows and Mac OS. The old project changed name to fglc and it will not be maintained anymore (at least by me that I’m the original developer 🙂 )

No great changes, only some bugfix and some maintainance, there was not great activity into the portal this month. I’m still working locally to some change/improvement hoping to see it online before the end of the year and I’m quite happy because it seems I’ll be helped by other contributors o/


See you next month 😉

Contributions to Mageia – September 2012

Even if I’m a bit late (life gets in the way now and then 🙂  ), here comes the report of my contributions to Mageia during September.


I worked on packaging some new application and I brought some package to its latest version.


  • qtfm (filemanager using Qt framework)
  • andromeda (filemanager using Qt framework)
  • mihphoto (image viewer touch-friendly using Qt framework)
  • silicon empire (cd/dvd burning suite)


  • razorqt brought to version 0.4.99 (development but quite stable)
  • gmic-
  • yaflight-0.1.13
  • gambas3-3.3.1 (I’ve already ported gambas3-3.3.2 in October, you’ll read about it in the next report 😉 )
  • tortoisehg 2.5 (thanks to the upgrade of python-sphinx)

Some notes on the above packages: razor-qt packages has now reached an increased granularity and the metapackage task-razorqt was built to make user’s life easier. Moreover razorqt-panel look&feel it’s better integrated into the mageia thanks to a dedicated custom theme. Look at it yourself 😉

razor-qt running on Mageia with mga-light themerazor-qt 0.4.99 notifications tray, very clean


No great improvements on this side, at least by me. I just tested Steven work and reported a libyui-ncurses’ bug to Angelo that’s doing a great job with libyui.


Some translation updated (urpmi) and some new web site translation reviewed and committed.

I’m having some difficulty maintaining phpBB and its integration with Drupal. phpBB does its job greatly but if you have to add features (mods) there starts the pain, especially if you’re dealing with a Drupal bridge which requires to patch phpBB itself.

I’m evaluating alternatives or improvements and the deadline should be December, but there’s no a detailed plan because of the lack of free time to work on it :-/

Contributions to Mageia – August 2012


During August, while a lot of people were on holiday 🙂 , I worked on packaging some new application and I brought some package to its latest version.


  • grail
  • geis
  • frame
  • evemu
  • touchégg
  • touchégg-gui

No much to say: I was just looking for multitouch support in Mageia and I found this resource from Canonical that was really interesting so, why not port it to Mageia? 🙂

NEW UPDATES in mageia 2

  • tkgate 2.0-b10 problem solved (fixed tcl bug)
  • tortoisehg-2.4.2
  • screenfetch-2.4.7
  • gmic-
  • ptbatterysystemtray-1.0.0.rc2 (bugreport mga#7107)
  • yaflight (minor upgrade)
  • mono-tools bugfix @ mga2
  • libgdiplus bugfix @ mga2 (now dotNet apps behave correctly on Mageia 😉 )

Just a few words on yaflight and the last two items (mono-tools and libgdiplus).

This new minor release of yaflight  introduce the support for Arch Linux and it squashes a small bug.

monodoc from mono-tools was suffering of an issue causing its crash at start (resulting unusable). This bug was fixed also thanks to anaselli.

libgdiplus was wrongly compiled making all dotnet applications to not show correctly (I mean GUI applications using Windows.Forms).

Now I’m the maintainer of both these packages 🙂


This is the new project I’m involved in (together with Angelo Naselli and Steven Tucker). It aims to develop a graphical abstraction layer thanks to libyui. This project represent the proposal for a new Mageia Feature.

Till now I’ve added some small piece of code only and then I tested it on ncurses, qt and gtk (aiming to test perl-yui bindings that I and Angelo packaged for Mageia). Now that we all have a better idea of how things really work, we can go on with more interesting stuff 🙂

No great changes, just security updates and some small graphical improvement. I’m waiting for some spare time to be able to restyle the whole website.

Our community is growing fast and we now have a new forum moderator (user tom) that will help the administrators handling users and their requests. o/

Just a few days ago I was contacted by “The Unix Community” guys on #mageia-it cause they were interested in Mageia. They interviewed Angelo and me and I can say for sure that we have really appreciated 😉  Now supports and viceversa 😉

If you are interested into our interviews you can read them

Thank you

See you next month for a new summary 😉

Yaflight – a Gambas3 success case

It was four months ago when the first source tarball was released. It started just as a game, a way to play around with a powerful toy: Gambas 3. Now yaflight it’s a nice piece of software 🙂  UPDATE: yaflight was totally rewritten using C++ and the Qt framework to make it multi-platform. The previous series is now known as fglc

YaFlight + Oxygene theme
YaFlight 0.99.18 running on Mageia 2 with KDE and the Oxygen theme
First official release of yaflight
First official release of yaflight

I always thought – as many other people – that BASIC-like languages were underestimated due to their steep learning curve: yeah, many people think that if something it’s too easy then it’s somehow low quality 🙁
If you are part of this group of people, feel free to take a look here: as you will see along with simple applications there are a lot of great software applications about domotic, business processing, erp, warehouse management, networking, database mapping and modelling and so on.

I began using Gambas 2 for simple tasks – mainly home tasks – years ago, cause it recalled me the high school times spent using visual basic 6 and kylix (many thanks to Professor Salzano) and then my first job as software developer when I used to work with stuff.

Then the time of FlightGear comes: after my “battesimo dell’aria” (first flight) aboard a Eurocopter AS355 piloted by Simone De Tomi (Requiescat in pace) I started using FlightGear on my boxes powered by GNU/Linux. It was the time of the 1.9 version and I was using FGRun to launch the simulation: it was immediatly clear to me that FGRun wasn’t fitting my needs: I was a n00b at that times (the guided procedure helped me a lot, however that gui was to heavy for my box). There were alternatives to fgrun but each of them wasn’t the one I was looking for so I started learning how the fgfs executable was called by those interfaces and I learned the meanings of all of these parameters (thank to man fgfs).

Acquired the necessary know-how I began wondering if a custom solution would been a good idea and if development would been possibile in my spare free time: Gambas2 came to my mind immediately! Honestly Gambas3 came to my mind cause I was thinking to develop using a modern environment rather than using a product that would be discontinued after the official release of the new one.

A pencil, some paper and few lines of code convinced me that it was affordable so yaflight 0.1.0 was born (really many months passed after my decision and the first real implementation was delayed due to various personal events).

My choice fell on Gambas3 not only for a legacy of teenage: Gambas3 allow the beginner as much as the veteran, to develop his applications without headaches, beeing able to concentrate and focus on the aim of their program. Moreover Gambas3 IDE/RAD integrates a system to produce packages for many GNU/Linux distributions, easing the application deployment.

Gambas3 running on Mageia 1
Gambas3 running on Mageia 1

So, I started the yaflight development with some fixed reference in my mind:

  • low resources consumptions
  • ease of use
  • ability to setup advanced features if needed
  • ease of expandability (no plugins right now, just a clean implementation using modules, classes and forms providing a clean api)

These points are not yet fully respected but I’m working in this direction and gambas3 helps me providing a wide set of useful components ready to use to build a feature rich application.

YaFlight don’t tries to replace FGRun or other launchers that are surely more advanced and more refined, but it insistently tries to do things in a different way: a better way, maybe 😛

Interest for YaFlight increases slowly – but increases – and I’m quite happy for this reason 🙂

I’ll try to maintain and improve yaflight for the years to come as long as my job, my studies and my life will allow me to do it. Any contributions will be of help (translations, code and donations last but not least).

YaFlight, FlightGear and Gambas3 are Free Softwaregive them all a chance!