Contributions to Mageia – November 2012


This month I’ve not packaged any new software for Cauldron and I focused on maintaining the ones already available. My free time was nearly equal to zero :-/


  • ardesia 1.1
  • yaflight 0.99.17
  • gmic
  • gambas 3.3.4
  • tortoisehg 2.5.1
  • john-1.7.9-jumbo-7
  • skychart 3.6
  • drakx-installer-help

A few words on john, skychart and drakx-installer-help.

john was upgraded from version 1.7.9-jumbo-5 to jumbo-7 but it wasn’t building on Cauldron due to an issue  reported into the bug report mga#7911. After some investigation I find out the problem and addressed the issue, making it building again 🙂

skychart was needing some love because of its documentation sub package, built using wiki pages. I was able to go through this issue thanks to the Fedora package (its Packager, of course) and the script.

drakx-installer-help is a package co-maintained by kamil, barjac, ennael and me. It provides localized documentation for Mageia. This last version adds support to two new languages: Estonian and Swedish o/

Two guides was added to our documentation: a basic installation guide and a simple howto related to Mageia virtualization with VirtualBox/-OSE.


C U next month 😉