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MX Linux over lvm2

I really like to keep my laptops and workstations productive until they’re able to run the applications I need for my job so I was looking for a GNU/Linux distribution light enough for my old HP Mini netbook (powered by Atom CPU x86 and 1GB RAM): this is how I landed on MX Linux running over a LVM2 partition scheme.

My choice goes typically to Mageia but at that time I wanted to try MX Linux 18 because it was much lighter and working out-of-the-box.

The problem was represented by the MX Linux installer that it’s a bit limited and it doesn’t support LVM partition scheme.

For that reason, I had to install it on the hard drive manually 🙂

I choose a scheme with 1 volume group (VG00) containing 3 logical volumes:

  • LVROOT for the / mount point
  • LVHOME for the /home mount point

This setup allows to easily upgrade the system without affecting your data inside /home and, like in this case -unsupported upgrade to the newer release- to upgrade your system without the risk of personal data loss.

Certainly using a partition scheme like the one I proposed simplifies the entire process of upgrading in every condition and if you need a script that can be of help, here it goes.

Enjoy your MX Linux over LVM2

Speeding up APT

As someone knows using multiple connections to download files could be helpful to speed up the upgrading processes (take a look to urpmi).

Apt is definetly a good tool provided by debian, but from this point of view it could be “improved” (see notes below).

Here you can see the way I’ve reduced my download times using only apt, axel and -obviously- bash:

# ( cd /var/cache/apt/archives/ && apt-get -y --print-uris install $package | grep ^' | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -i axel -n 25 -a {} )

Notes: downloading files through multiple connections does not represent the best solution because the increasing number of connections leads to an increased load of the server plus other nasty things. A better way could be a wider usage of debdelta. Take a look to YUM presto plugin.