MX Linux over lvm2

I really like to keep my laptops and workstations productive until they’re able to run the applications I need for my job so I was looking for a GNU/Linux distribution light enough for my old HP Mini netbook (powered by Atom CPU x86 and 1GB RAM): this is how I landed on MX Linux running over a LVM2 partition scheme.

My choice goes typically to Mageia but at that time I wanted to try MX Linux 18 because it was much lighter and working out-of-the-box.

The problem was represented by the MX Linux installer that it’s a bit limited and it doesn’t support LVM partition scheme.

For that reason, I had to install it on the hard drive manually 🙂

I choose a scheme with 1 volume group (VG00) containing 3 logical volumes:

  • LVROOT for the / mount point
  • LVHOME for the /home mount point

This setup allows to easily upgrade the system without affecting your data inside /home and, like in this case -unsupported upgrade to the newer release- to upgrade your system without the risk of personal data loss.

Certainly using a partition scheme like the one I proposed simplifies the entire process of upgrading in every condition and if you need a script that can be of help, here it goes.

Enjoy your MX Linux over LVM2





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