Contributions to Mageia – July 2012



This month I worked on packaging some new application for the development branch of Mageia. The detail follows:

  • gmic
  • numptyphysics 0.3
  • gambas3 3.2.1 (no gb-jit support, introduced in August)
  • monodevelop
  • ganttproject 2.5.4
  • tkgate 2.0
  • examinator 0.2

gmic and numptyphysics have been upgraded to their latest versions providing minor improvements. ganttproject, tkgate and examinator were packaged not only because they are useful applications but also because I’m involved into EDU SIG (Mageia Educational Project) and they were into our todo list :-).

gambas3 was upgraded to the new version providing new components like gb.ncurses (that allows users to write applications using ncurses tui) and gb.jit (just-in-time compiler for gambas). However gb-jit package was not available because cauldron was shipping llvm 3.0 instead of the required version 3.1. At the time being (August, 3th) gambas3-gb-jit package is available thanks to the newcomer llvm 3.1 😉

monodevelop was brought to the last stable version but I had to do a lot of patching and I had to disable smp compilation cause it was leading to failures during the rpm package building process :-/  This minor issue does not affects final users but anaselli and I will have to investigate more deeply to restore the previous behaviour (even if this issue doesn’t depend on us).

ganttproject, as the description says, is a cross-platform desktop tool for project scheduling and management written in Java.

tkgate is a event driven digital circuit simulator with a tcl/tk-based graphical editor. Note please that at the moment tkgate fails to start with the error version conflict for package “Tcl”: have 8.5.12, need exactly 8.5.11. This issue is imputable to the tcl8.5.12 package and not to tkgate. An easy workaround consist of uninstalling tcl and then reinstalling it. Another way could be to fix


replacing line 18

package require --exact Tcl 8.5.11


package require --exact Tcl 8.5.12

examinator generates multiple choice exams in LaTeX quality. It has no gui but it requires a configuration file easy to build and maintain, here you can find an howto.

Some small aesthetic improvement and some mandatory modules upgrades.

The community is growing up with new users and new topics into the forum, no new entries into the gallery and no new blog posts till now.

Thank you

See you next month for a new summary 😉



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