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  • Contributions to Mageia – March 2015

    Mageia.Org Mageia 5 has been delayed cause we want to provide the best experience to our users. NEW PACKAGES – CAULDRON mono-3.12.1 mono project released a new minor release shipping fixes for CVE-2015-231[89], CVE-2015-2320. It’s all about the TLS’s mono implementation that was causing some issue with TLS impersonation. You can find details here (some refining […]

  • Contributions to Mageia – January/February 2015

    No spare time and No Wing Chun make me something, something… go crazy… but do not mind if I do [paraphrasing]   Mageia.Org Welcome to a new report of my contributions to Mageia. As you can perceive by intuition it was difficult to properly maintain my packages and to develop the Mana Tools during the […]

  • Contributions to Mageia – November 2014

    Mageia.Org One year has passed since my last relevant contribution, Mageia 5 is on its way and Mageia 3 is going to reach its EOL.   UPDATED PACKAGES – CAULDRON gambas3-3.6.2 gmic- screenfetch-3.6.5 libtorrent_rasterbar-0.16.18 qbittorrent-3.1.11 tortoisehg-3.2.1 Gambas3 latest version comes, like the others item of this brief list, with a lot of bugfixes since 3.5.4 […]

  • Paleontology 4 Geologist

    For those people not really aware of what the paleontology really is, I can briefly define the paleontology as the science in charge of study the history of life. For a Geologist the paleontology is more than important as it represents the basis to, such as: place in time a geologic record understand the geological […]

  • Contributions to Mageia – March 2013

    Mageia.Org A lot of the packages maintenance was done during the last week because I had a lack of free time 🙁   MAINTAINED PACKAGES in CAULDRON yaflight 0.99.22 fix tab order patch qterminal 0.4.0 italian translations (added also by the upstream) screenfetch 2.7.5 custom patch for the new mageia logo (sent also to the […]

  • Contributions to Mageia – January 2013

    Mageia.Org It was another extremely busy month. I wrote part of my thesis and I worked on other projects but, I found the time to maintain a few packages, to add a new one and to work on rpmdragora. MaINTAINED PACKAGES in CAULDRON merkaartor razorqt-power ( qlipper ( task-razorqt (arora replaced by qupzilla) NEW UPDATES […]

  • Contributions to Mageia – December 2012

    Mageia.Org It was a difficult time to me so, I’ve upgraded three packages only and maintained some of the already existing ones to address some issue related to gcc-4.7, automake 1.13 and the bleeding new llvm-3.2. I’ve been also busy translating blog posts for because I’m the only willing to do this job (at […]

  • Contributions to Mageia – September 2012

    Even if I’m a bit late (life gets in the way now and then 🙂  ), here comes the report of my contributions to Mageia during September. Mageia.Org I worked on packaging some new application and I brought some package to its latest version. NEW PACKAGES IN CAULDRON qtfm (filemanager using Qt framework) andromeda (filemanager […]

  • Contributions to Mageia – August 2012

    Mageia.Org During August, while a lot of people were on holiday 🙂 , I worked on packaging some new application and I brought some package to its latest version. NEW PACKAGES IN CAULDRON grail geis frame evemu touchégg touchégg-gui No much to say: I was just looking for multitouch support in Mageia and I found […]

  • Contributions to Mageia – July 2012

    Mageia.Org NEW PACKAGES IN CAULDRON This month I worked on packaging some new application for the development branch of Mageia. The detail follows: gmic numptyphysics 0.3 gambas3 3.2.1 (no gb-jit support, introduced in August) monodevelop ganttproject 2.5.4 tkgate 2.0 examinator 0.2 gmic and numptyphysics have been upgraded to their latest versions providing minor […]