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  • Contributions to Mageia – April 2018

    As I’m back to work on some package for Mageia… let’s resume from where we stopped also on this blog. MAINTENANCE – MAGEIA 6 and CAULDRON areca-backup 7.5 areca-backup wasn’t properly working starting from Mageia 5 because of its dependency to Java (proprietary). Consider also that areca-backup seems no longer maintained upstream (last version released […]

  • Paleontology 4 Geologist

    For those people not really aware of what the paleontology really is, I can briefly define the paleontology as the science in charge of study the history of life. For a Geologist the paleontology is more than important as it represents the basis to, such as: place in time a geologic record understand the geological […]

  • Contributions to Mageia – January 2013

    Mageia.Org It was another extremely busy month. I wrote part of my thesis and I worked on other projects but, I found the time to maintain a few packages, to add a new one and to work on rpmdragora. MaINTAINED PACKAGES in CAULDRON merkaartor razorqt-power ( qlipper ( task-razorqt (arora replaced by qupzilla) NEW UPDATES […]

  • Contributions to Mageia – December 2012

    Mageia.Org It was a difficult time to me so, I’ve upgraded three packages only and maintained some of the already existing ones to address some issue related to gcc-4.7, automake 1.13 and the bleeding new llvm-3.2. I’ve been also busy translating blog posts for because I’m the only willing to do this job (at […]

  • Speeding up APT

    As someone knows using multiple connections to download files could be helpful to speed up the upgrading processes (take a look to urpmi). Apt is definetly a good tool provided by debian, but from this point of view it could be “improved” (see notes below). Here you can see the way I’ve reduced my download […]