Contributions to Mageia – June 2012

As a contributor to the Mageia project I spend a couple of hours every day of the week doing things like packaging new software, triaging bugs, testing, writing wiki pages and so on.

Moreover I administer the website (Italian Community of Mageia users) to improve day by day the user experience and the quality of the material you can find in.

With this post I start a series where I’ll report my personal activities into the Mageia project, both to recall me what I’ve to do 🙂 and to let people know what are my contribution fields.



This month I worked on packaging some new tools and libraries:

  • gmic
  • yaflight
  • yui
  • libyui-qt
  • libyui-gtk
  • libyui-ncurses
  • libyui-bindings

yui libraries was needed to accomplish this feature request, that involves me directly as working with other guys to this one.

libyui is a user interface engine that provides abstraction from graphical user interfaces (Qt, Gtk) and text based user interfaces (ncurses). Originally developed for YaST, it can now be used independently of YaST for generic (C++) applications. We have to thanks all the developers that worked to split the ui layer from yast making it available for wider purposes.

So what’s the aim to port this stuff into Mageia? We are trying to improve our Mageia Control Center making it behave the same way while running with gtk, qt and even with ncurses, improving at the same time its desktop integration (e.g. no gtk stuff into a kde desktop and viceversa).

Now we are ready to work on the real target: let’s see how this idea will grow 😉

gmic package replaces the previously built gmic-gimp package. The reason of this substitution is to search in my try to make more clean the way we package gimp plugins.

yaflight 0.1.11 from svn trunk was ported to Cauldron waiting for the final release. It brings some new interesting features.


Skychart 3.4 wasn’t working due to bug 6298 related to the new version 2.6.0 of the freepascal compiler (fpc). After a lot of patching, just to preserve the version currently provided by Mageia 2, the application comes back to life. Cauldron will ship soon Skychart 3.6.

Areca Backup 7.2.2 was suffering some small issues related to the transition from java-1.6.0 to java-1.7.0 and now resolved fixing the way it was packaged.

Gambas 3.1.1 Gtk component was afflicted by bug 6413 causing unhandled exceptions while the application was on a second screen. Thanks to the collaboration with Richard Walker, the problem is gone in a couple of days 😉

After the result of the poll I’ve switched the unofficial documentation from Drupal Books to a Wiki system powered by dokuwiki. This way users will be able to contribute with their experiences in a more easy way compared to the previous solution while keeping a common layout and consequently a good accessibility of the contents.

All documentation was easily ported and a new guide was made (the topic addressed in this guide covers the installation and configuration of VMware Player 4 in Mageia).

Small improvements was introduced into the front page of the website (recent topics list).

Thank you

See you next month for a new summary 😉



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