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Contributions to Mageia – April 2018

ActivitiesAs I’m back to work on some package for Mageia… let’s resume from where we stopped also on this blog.


  • areca-backup 7.5

areca-backup wasn’t properly working starting from Mageia 5 because of its dependency to Java (proprietary).

Consider also that areca-backup seems no longer maintained upstream (last version released on August, 26th 2015)  but there are still users that, like me, need that tool to backup/restore important data.

It was thus necessary to make it work with openjdk, with our current version of GTK and so on: that’s why I made a few patches to be able to make it fully functional again ?

  • davmail 4.8.5 (latest version)

The new version is now available in Cauldron.

davmail is awesome when you have to interface your thunderbird to and Exchange Server made available through EWS.

That’s all. See you next month and… thanks for reading


Contributions to Mageia – March 2015


Mageia 5 has been delayed cause we want to provide the best experience to our users.


  • mono-3.12.1

mono project released a new minor release shipping fixes for CVE-2015-231[89], CVE-2015-2320. It’s all about the TLS’s mono implementation that was causing some issue with TLS impersonation. You can find details here (some refining is still needed but it seems to work).

Now we are on release freeze, that means that until the final release cauldron repos cannot receive new versions neither new releases of packages.


  • mono-3.2.3-5.2

The TLS’s mono implementation was exposing users to TLS impersonation attacks also on the previous versions of mono thus I had to provide fixes also for the package for mageia 4. It has been quite a time-consuming task.


Finally we moved to the final name of our project and a few improvements have been added to manaclock and manawall.

manawall now uses a specification file for servers and ports: previously (as it was in drakfirewall) each server was specified statically inside the code alongside with ports, labels and so on.


manawall now retrieves servers from a well-formed xml file, easiest to maintain; this change causes some issue with nfs still to be worked out but, the huge part of the task has been successfully completed 😉

See you next month and… thanks for reading

Contributions to Mageia – December 2014


2014 is going to reach its end and another month of contributions to the Mageia project has passed.



  • noip

A new package has been added to the cauldron (thus Mageia 5): noip contains the well known open source duc for linux. I decided to package it for two reason mainly:

  • to provide a uniform way of installing and configuring noip on mageia
  • to better integrate it inside mageia by providing a systemd unit (noip2.service): this way you’ll be able to easily install and setup a noip client

Installing and Configuring noip on mageia now consists of a three-steps procedure:

  1. urpmi noip
  2. noip -C -c /etc/noip2.conf
  3. systemctl enable noip2.service


bash completions for mana have been provided and the package for adminpanel has been updated accordingly.

Angelo fixed other issues on rpmdragora.


MageiaOnline now provides new forum sections for Mageia 5 and Mageia 4 backports are slightly on their way 🙂 Still work in progress, stay tuned

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!
See you next month 🙂

Contributions to Mageia – November 2014


One year has passed since my last relevant contribution, Mageia 5 is on its way and Mageia 3 is going to reach its EOL.



  • gambas3-3.6.2
  • gmic-
  • screenfetch-3.6.5
  • libtorrent_rasterbar-0.16.18
  • qbittorrent-3.1.11
  • tortoisehg-3.2.1

Gambas3 latest version comes, like the others item of this brief list, with a lot of bugfixes since 3.5.4 version and some new component (like inotify).


Lots of efforts have been putted inside this project and we currently have quite a few modules doing their jobs, against all odds 😛

We introduced a few changes inside the naming conventions: each launch script has been prefixed with the word mana (e.g. manauser, manahost, manaproxy, etc).

Why mana?

It’s what come out from a night session of IRC while we were working on the migration of some drakxtool to adminpanel … Ok it doesn’t sound so nice told this way so… 🙂 lets say that we find out that adminpanel was somehow inflated and we decided to look for something more representative.

mana recalls energy and magic and somehow the names of the authors, Angelo Naselli and Matteo Pasotti.

A list of the working modules follows:

  • manaclock
  • manahost
  • manalog
  • manaproxy
  • manaservice
  • manauser

There are other minor applications able to run inside AdminPanel (embedded or sharing its modules/subroutines):

  • contribfinder: a simple utility written using libyui and python
  • rpmdragora: a fork of rpmdrake, the effort to port its code to libyui and the 3rd millenium :p

AdminPanel/MaNa is a beautiful example of object oriented programming using Perl, Moose and Modern::Perl alongside a very readable code style.

Some screenshots demonstrating how those modules are able to run natively as Qt, Gtk and NCurses applications 😉

manauser rpmdragora



Stay tuned and see you next month for a new summary of my contributions to Mageia.

Contributions to Mageia – September & October 2013


Running for Mageia 4…

Give it a try!    Provala!


  • libqxt


  • qlipper
  • syntastic
  • mageia-doc
  • razorqt desktop environment
  • screenfetch
  • gambas3
  • scite
  • areca-backup

A lot of work was required to update qlipper because it’s now relying on libqxt and this library wasn’t already packaged for Mageia.

Gambas3 3.5.0 was released and then packaged a few days after the Mageia versions freeze. It ships now with a lot of bugfixes and some new components like gb-loggin, gb-net-pop3, gb-mime, gb-openssl and so on.

Areca-Backup 7.3.7 add some new feature and it fixes some delta blocks backup bugs.


Angelo was finally able to bring some improvement to the yui library (libyui) so I’ll hopefully be able to continue my work on rpmdragora. Stay tuned! 😉

LINUX DAY 2013 – Italy

The Oct 26th, 2013 I participated to the Linux Day event in Vigevano, a northern Italian town near Pavia and Milan. The event was organized by the Linux User Group DUCALE (LUGDucale) from Vigevano.

During the entire day I was standing near my Mageia powered personal computer (1GHz cpu, 1GB ram memory and stuff like that) with a lot of fliers, to show people the powers of the current stable version and to provide any kind of information about Mageia and the software it provides through its repositories.

Summary of the event: 10+ Mageia Live KDE burnt on demand, 1 usb key prepared, many user really interested. I was really excited.

I want to say thanks to the entire crew for their great efforts and their passion.

Keep going this way!

MageiaOnline Backports for Mageia 3

I reactivated the backports repository a couple of days ago and the first packages are now available:

  • gambas3 3.5.0
  • areca-backup 7.3.7
  • qupzilla 1.4.4
  • vlc 2.1

This new versions brings some new features, mainly bugfixes. Other packages will follow but I’m currently working on testing each one of them very deeply. At the same time Victor is growing and it will provide better and useful informations.


Stay tuned and see you next month for a new summary of my contributions to Mageia.

Contributions to Mageia – April 2013


Mageia 3 RC is finally out with a lot of improvements, bugfixes and so on!



  • qupzilla 1.3.5 wasn’t compiling on cauldron anymore that’s why I updated the entire package to the new version
  • urpmex
  • sdlbasic (fixed bug mga#9354)


  • qupzilla 1.4.1 (it helps fixing bug mga#9584)
  • mageia-doc 3.5 (the Estonian documentation for the Mageia Control Center is finally complete, ctxhelp improved).



A lot of blog post translations, see by yourself 🙂


From now on I made the application menu entries for the Mageia MCC documentation fully translatable.

The patch previously applied to the estonian files is now applied to all languages except for the english one (see bugs mga#9917 and mga#9918).This patch hides the author credits introduced automatically by Calenco into the official documentation: they are not so nice to display so I managed to hide them 😛

The update-doc script required a bit of refining.


A lot of work has been done to migrate the phpBB forum to Drupal to improve the overall integration. I’ve to thanks the authors of the Migrate and phpbb2drupal modules because those guys made my job a lot easier 🙂


I had no free time to work on it but anaselli‘s work on libyui continues. I hope to be able to continue my work on rpmdragora asap.


I wish you an awesome International Workers’ Day (Buon 1° Maggio a tutti!).

See you next month for a new summary of my contributions 😉

Contributions to Mageia – March 2013


A lot of the packages maintenance was done during the last week because I had a lack of free time 🙁



  • yaflight 0.99.22 fix tab order patch
  • qterminal 0.4.0 italian translations (added also by the upstream)
  • screenfetch 2.7.5 custom patch for the new mageia logo (sent also to the upstream and finally merged o/ )


  • qbittorrent 3.0.9
  • gmic
  • nomacs 1.0.0 (freeze push not accepted, we are stuck at version 0.4.0)
  • scite 3.2.5
  • areca-backup 7.2.18


  • mageia-doc


I updated few application translations (like urpmi, rpmdrake, drakx-net and so on) and I translated a blog post.


I’m in charge to package the official Mageia documentation built by the Doc Team and to set up the svn repository used to version it.

After the setup of the common svn solution (i.e. branches, tags and trunk) I imported the Mageia Control Center documentation built by the Documentation Team using Calenco and then two utilities I wrote to help me, as well as other packagers, keeping the documentation up-to-date and packaging it.

The repository looks like this


where build-pkg and update-doc contain

build-pkg:*  COPYING


The build-archive script automates the creation of a new tag and then the creation of the documentation source tarball used by the rpm package mageia-doc.

The update-doc script automates instead the procedure of keeping up-to-date the documentation of the Mageia Control Center retrieving the Calenco zipped archives directly from the upstream website. This script also apply some specific patches to the documentation.

Their full documentation will be added to the official mageia wiki as soon as I can so be patient, please 🙂


Some security upgrades and some common checks.


Mageia 3 beta 4 is finally out! Give it a try 😉

See you next month for a new summary of my contributions 😉

Contributions to Mageia – February 2013


Few contributions this month due to no free time available: I had to work on my thesis and I finally got my Bachelor’s degree in Geology. Now I’m fully back to my job (and to my hobbies 🙂  ).


  • gambas3-3.4.0 brought to 2nd release to fix bug 9105
  • kphotoalbum (fixed version – but the executable still reports GIT-4.10.0 :-/ )


  • trojita
  • scite
  • gmic
  • razorqt (thanks to Florian Hubold aka doktor5000)
  • kphotoalbum 4.4

I want to spend a few words on kphotoalbum: it’s a very nice piece of software but there’s something I can’t understand like the way its developers are working on it. For example this new release version is 4.4 but the version reported into the about box is 4.10 :-S

The previous version was 4.9.90 that’s why I had to fix my mageia package using Epoch :-/


There are no new packages.

UiAbstraction4mcc (aka AdminPanel)

No progress on this side, sadly.


Lot of work has been done to update the translations of the web pages and a lot of work still need to be done elsewhere.


See you next month for a new summary of my activities 😉

Contributions to Mageia – September 2012

Even if I’m a bit late (life gets in the way now and then 🙂  ), here comes the report of my contributions to Mageia during September.


I worked on packaging some new application and I brought some package to its latest version.


  • qtfm (filemanager using Qt framework)
  • andromeda (filemanager using Qt framework)
  • mihphoto (image viewer touch-friendly using Qt framework)
  • silicon empire (cd/dvd burning suite)


  • razorqt brought to version 0.4.99 (development but quite stable)
  • gmic-
  • yaflight-0.1.13
  • gambas3-3.3.1 (I’ve already ported gambas3-3.3.2 in October, you’ll read about it in the next report 😉 )
  • tortoisehg 2.5 (thanks to the upgrade of python-sphinx)

Some notes on the above packages: razor-qt packages has now reached an increased granularity and the metapackage task-razorqt was built to make user’s life easier. Moreover razorqt-panel look&feel it’s better integrated into the mageia thanks to a dedicated custom theme. Look at it yourself 😉

razor-qt running on Mageia with mga-light themerazor-qt 0.4.99 notifications tray, very clean


No great improvements on this side, at least by me. I just tested Steven work and reported a libyui-ncurses’ bug to Angelo that’s doing a great job with libyui.


Some translation updated (urpmi) and some new web site translation reviewed and committed.

I’m having some difficulty maintaining phpBB and its integration with Drupal. phpBB does its job greatly but if you have to add features (mods) there starts the pain, especially if you’re dealing with a Drupal bridge which requires to patch phpBB itself.

I’m evaluating alternatives or improvements and the deadline should be December, but there’s no a detailed plan because of the lack of free time to work on it :-/

qbittorrent3 & screenfetch for CentOS 6.3

Following my previous post, I’m still updating my custom packages for my CentOS 6 installation. I added screenfetch to my small collection 🙂

QBittorrent version 3.0.0 introduces some new features and few bugfixes as you can read from its changelog.

Screenfetch is a niece piece of free software that I’m maintaining for Mageia so, why not package it for CentOS? 😉

Very nice the Red Hat ascii logo 🙂

If you already have my repository enabled you will reach new versions as upgrades, otherwise you should enable it following the procedure described here.