Contributions to Mageia – August 2012


During August, while a lot of people were on holiday 🙂 , I worked on packaging some new application and I brought some package to its latest version.


  • grail
  • geis
  • frame
  • evemu
  • touchégg
  • touchégg-gui

No much to say: I was just looking for multitouch support in Mageia and I found this resource from Canonical that was really interesting so, why not port it to Mageia? 🙂

NEW UPDATES in mageia 2

  • tkgate 2.0-b10 problem solved (fixed tcl bug)
  • tortoisehg-2.4.2
  • screenfetch-2.4.7
  • gmic-
  • ptbatterysystemtray-1.0.0.rc2 (bugreport mga#7107)
  • yaflight (minor upgrade)
  • mono-tools bugfix @ mga2
  • libgdiplus bugfix @ mga2 (now dotNet apps behave correctly on Mageia 😉 )

Just a few words on yaflight and the last two items (mono-tools and libgdiplus).

This new minor release of yaflight  introduce the support for Arch Linux and it squashes a small bug.

monodoc from mono-tools was suffering of an issue causing its crash at start (resulting unusable). This bug was fixed also thanks to anaselli.

libgdiplus was wrongly compiled making all dotnet applications to not show correctly (I mean GUI applications using Windows.Forms).

Now I’m the maintainer of both these packages 🙂


This is the new project I’m involved in (together with Angelo Naselli and Steven Tucker). It aims to develop a graphical abstraction layer thanks to libyui. This project represent the proposal for a new Mageia Feature.

Till now I’ve added some small piece of code only and then I tested it on ncurses, qt and gtk (aiming to test perl-yui bindings that I and Angelo packaged for Mageia). Now that we all have a better idea of how things really work, we can go on with more interesting stuff 🙂

No great changes, just security updates and some small graphical improvement. I’m waiting for some spare time to be able to restyle the whole website.

Our community is growing fast and we now have a new forum moderator (user tom) that will help the administrators handling users and their requests. o/

Just a few days ago I was contacted by “The Unix Community” guys on #mageia-it cause they were interested in Mageia. They interviewed Angelo and me and I can say for sure that we have really appreciated 😉  Now supports and viceversa 😉

If you are interested into our interviews you can read them

Thank you

See you next month for a new summary 😉



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